Doing Business

Doing Business

Cape Cod Gateway Airport welcomes opportunities for businesses of all sizes and specialties for commerce at the airport. From aircraft agreements, courtesy vehicles, land leases, hangar rentals, advertising and concession opportunities, we have options.

To meet federal and state procurement law of fair and transparent business practices (as well as FAA Grant Obligations), there are standing procurement policies and procedures for Airport real estate. For information on current opportunities, select an option below.


Cape Cod Gateway Airport is a vital link to the regional, national, and international markets that drive our emerging economy. As documented in the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Aeronautics Division CY2019 (FY2020) Economic Impact Analysis, the Cape Cod Gateway Airport, in conjunction with its tenants and associated businesses, provide employment opportunities for 1,724 people, with an annual payroll in excess of $73.8 million and a regional economic output in excess of $157.2 million. In addition to the 25 airport employees that operate the facility, the Airport is also home to over 65 businesses/private users, with Cape Air, Atlantic Aviation (formerly Ross Aviation), Griffin Avionics, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) making up the bulk of employees on the airfield.

Cape Cod Gateway Airport is located in the economic center and commercial transportation hub of Cape Cod within the Town of Barnstable. It is centrally located to allow for ease of connections to other multi-modal transportation options and all 15 Cape Cod towns. The Airport would like to complement this economic activity by utilizing available land for future growth. Why not let your company have the competitive advantage and locate yourself at Cape Cod’s premier hub for transportation and commercial related businesses.

Of the 639-acre airport parcel, real estate opportunities exist for both aeronautical* and non-aeronautical** land development. View our Airport Layout Plan.

*Aeronautical land development refers to that development that involves, makes possible, or is required for the operation of aircraft, or that contributes to or is required for the safety of such operations. Aeronautical land development would support activities that cater to, but are not limited to: aircraft charter operations, pilot training, aircraft rental, aircraft hangar leasing, sightseeing, aerial photography, crop dusting, aerial advertising and surveying, air carrier operations, aircraft sales and services, sale of aviation petroleum products, repair and maintenance of aircraft, sale of aircraft parts, and any other activities that directly relate to the operation of aircraft.
**In contrast, examples that are non-aeronautical land development may include land leases for aviation support facilities such as ground transportation (taxis, car rentals, limousine service, etc.), restaurants, in-flight food catering, auto parking lots, or other compatible commercial and industrial uses that are physically separate from and unrelated to serving the traveling public or aeronautical functions. Those other compatible commercial and industrial uses may or may not have an aviation component or aviation-focused organization.


As a department of the Town of Barnstable, Cape Cod Gateway Airport coordinates with the Town Procurement Office to develop documentation for various projects. Whether the project is to procure goods and services or lease rental property, the Airport works with the Town to develop Request for Proposals (RFP) and Bidding, Advertisement of Surplus Disposition of Property, and Minority & Woman Owned Business Contract Compliance.

See the town website for up and coming projects.


Cape Cod Gateway Airport is a department of the Town of Barnstable. To learn more about employment opportunities please refer to the Town of Barnstable’s website.


Cape Cod Gateway Airport provides a wide-variety of opportunities for development.

For your reference, find Airport Development Policies below:

HYA Minimum Standards

Guidelines for Construction and Alteration

Cape Cod Gateway Rates & Charges