Noise Abatement

Noise abatement

Noise AbatementCape Cod Gateway Airport is very conscious of its location in urbanized Barnstable and on the border of the Town of Yarmouth. It works cooperatively with the airlines and their pilots to reduce aircraft noise and maintain a constructive dialogue with neighbors who may be affected.

The airport has instituted noise abatement procedures and defined flight corridors. Our visual flight rules for aircraft are voluntary by law, and pilots and aircraft operators are strongly urged to follow them when safety permits. During times of instrument flight rules when pilots must fly under the guidance of radar, the procedures do not apply. View HYA’s Flight Path Maps here.

Comments, questions and other information related to airport noise are welcome via a designated phone number, 508-862-8268. Messages are taken live when possible or recorded on voicemail. The airport employs a noise abatement coordinator who receives and investigates all noise complaints. 


Questions about air traffic:

If at any time, you have questions about air traffic to certain areas located within five miles of the airport, our noise abatement office can assist you.  There are areas in both Barnstable and Yarmouth that will frequently receive air traffic overhead. In an effort to assist those who are sensitive to noise, this can be a valuable tool in making decisions on what area is best for you. For information, please call 508-862-8268.

Flight tracking is available here.

Voluntary Quiet Hours:

Cape Cod Gateway Airport has established voluntary quiet hours between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. During these times, airlines and general aviation operators are encouraged to limit their flights so that citizens in neighboring communities are not disturbed during normal sleeping hours. Also, training, touch-and-go and certification flights are prohibited without approval of the airport management.

While the quiet hours are voluntary, operations that do occur during this time are carefully monitored and recorded. Fortunately, flights during quiet hours are kept to a minimum. They usually consist of flights resulting from weather delays, emergency medical flights or early morning aircraft repositioning flights.

Please keep in mind that the FAA does not allow the airport to mandate these quiet hours or allow the airport to violate anyone not complying with the airport’s request.


Tips for Reporting a Complaint:

  • Please tell us your complete name and street address and town or village. If you would like a return call, please leave your telephone number as well. You may reach HYA at the designated airport noise phone line:  508-862-8268.
  • Tell us the exact date, time and location of the incident along with any aircraft information you have including its tail number.
  • Be specific about the disturbance. Was the plane, in your opinion, flying too low? Did it appear to be off course? Was the engine noise too loud?
  • All disturbance complaints will be fully investigated and, if requested, responded to.