New York

Destination Airports


Depart from HYA and experience low-cost parking, quick check-in and greetings from friendly employees. Visit our Airlines page to learn more about flights departing from HYA.


John F. Kennedy International Airport – JFK and LaGuardia Airport – LGA: 

JFK is the nation’s leading international gateway, with one easy connection you can access hundreds of destinations around the globe. Or with NYC as your final destination, you can easily access all that New York City has to offer.

Nantucket Memorial Airport – ACK:

Visiting Nantucket is easy when departing from HYA. Public ground transportation and taxi services are available at the airport. Find out more.
Phone: 508-325-5300

Martha’s Vineyard Airport – MVY:

Access Martha’s Vineyard with a quick flight to the island. Public ground transportation and taxis service the airport. Find out more.
Phone: 508-693-7022

Boston Logan International Airport – BOS:

Boston Logan International Airport is an important connecting airport in the Northeast. Many connections are available to both domestic and international destinations at BOS. Or make Boston your final destination and explore the city. BOS is served by multiple ground transportation providers.
Phone: 800-235-6426




New York

NEW YORK — Visit the iconic city or connect beyond to hundreds of destinations world-wide




BOSTON — Explore the historic city or make an easy connection to explore beyond



NANTUCKET — Explore the beautiful island or experience great events


Martha's Vineyard

MARTHA’S VINEYARD — Access the beauty and amenities on the island with one quick flight