Aeronautical Property — Hangar Development Parcels

Nose of airplane in hangar

In the Spring/Summer 2022, the Airport rehabilitated and extended Mary Dunn Way allowing for ease of access to the Airport’s East Ramp and location of future hangar development.

Mary Dunn Way is the corridor that provides direct access to the East Ramp from Route 28, its facilities and businesses. Redevelopment of this corridor rehabilitated the existing road, extended it further to the north, rehabilitated and expanded vehicular parking, added sidewalks, a bike lane, landscaping and upgrades to utilities (water, sewer, electricity, phone and cable). With enhanced access and the associated ancillary improvements, patrons will arrive to the airport via a more attractive and inviting entrance.

The completion of Mary Dunn Way Extension allows for more streamlined aeronautical property development such as hangars. Your future facility would be located on the secure side (within the secure fence) of Cape Cod Gateway Airport with public access available from the associated Mary Dunn Way; making admittance to your prospective facility easy for customers arriving and/or departing from both the public and/or secure airfield side of the property. With ease of access off Mary Dunn Way, which is located north of Route 28, south of Route 6, east of the Hyannis Rotary and west of Yarmouth Road; development in this area is ideal to showcase your business and to further develop various aviation industry trades dedicated to the advancement of aerospace in the Cape Cod region.

With ±10 acres of available space for hangar development and upgrades to nearby access and utilities (water, sewer, electricity, phone and cable), why not build with us! We are ready, are you?


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